Reddit and Pinterest

I’ve tried to donate to this plugin but Paypal reject all payments to Indian accounts!

I’ve just had to take off the Pinterest button from rtSocial. It was posting the image mentioned in the og:image meta tag. I guess that makes sense but that imagine is a Facebook optimised thumbnail. I’d prefer the Pinterest image to be the full picture and the button to recreate the effect of the Pinterest bookmark.

On a related note; it’s a shame there’s no reddit button especially given how huge reddit is. Is it missing because it can’t be made to load as quickly as RTCamp would like?


While, donations to Indian accounts doesn’t work due to some complicated issues between the Government and Paypal. However, you can directly send a payment to

We are currently working on a makeover for rtSocial. The reason reddit is not included is very simple- we’ve never had any use for it ourselves, neither did our clients and nobody asked for it before.

However, we do realise that a lot of people need reddit and/or other networks including some niche ones. So, we have started incorporating a new way of coding which will let users add custom share buttons on their own.

So, you’d have to just wait a bit longer (a month or so, we’ll try to push it before Christmas, but can’t guarantee that). It’s in our roadmap.

Finally, pinterest is something that we have conflicting ideas on. Our socially hyperactive team members feel that a pin it button should be present on all the images of the post. Others feel, the user should be able to tag the image as pinnable while uploading and that shall be pinned via the rtSocial widget. Yet others feel that we should have a popover that lets the user decide what image should be pinned.

While we do want to improve the specialisations of each button, we don’t want to overkill. Hence, pinterest has been a fuzzy area for us. If you could, please add your suggestions to and clear the haze for us. Just tag the issue as an enhancement.


Has any progress been made on adding reddit?

I could also use digg.

Great plugin - I use it because speed is important, and this loads up fast :slight_smile:


@christophera No update on Reddit support yet. Currently, we are in process of making rtSocial a bit more optimized and thinking of adding support for Reddit and other networks into the future release. If you could, please add your suggestions to

I’d love to see reddit as well.