Recommended config


I’m just wondering which is the most popular config for a WordPress site people are using with EasyEngine.

I’ve been using Redis setup, with php7 and nginx 1.9.10, and I know some of the features are experimental, but after a while it starts to slow down.

Anyone whiling to share a fast website setup?


Here the most common and zero issues setup is: WPSC, WPS Hide Login (to rename wp-login.php, security by obscurity), HHVM, Nginx Mainline.

I have two dirty tricks to avoid slow sites, both in crontab:

* * * * * service mysql status || service mysql start
* * * * * service hhvm status || service hhvm start
7 3 * * * tmpreaper 5d /var/lib/hhvm/sessions
9 5 * * * tmpreaper 2d /tmp
0 8 * * * service nginx restart

If you need explanation about the above please ask.


Thanks, I added this config to one of the sites. Will see how it holds up in a few days of messing with it. What’s the explanation for your cron rules? do they run at your command or automatic?



:smiley: good one. I do know what cronjobs are, I just didn’t knew what “tmpreaper” does and I didn’t knew why the first 2 rules have no timer. Thx anyway


It’s not “have no timer”, but “run every minute instead”.

Regarding tmpreaper: