Really high loading problem

Experiencing very high loading times. 5 seconds extra load is unusually high. What happend?

P3 Performance Profile is an EXCELLENT plugin if you are bad at statistical math. wink


It doesnt give you any useful data.

All it shows you is that out of all the things your page needed to load, rtMedia too up about 70% of those resource loading times. And then it puts it in a fancy pie chart so you think you can see what plugins are “hurting” you performance-wise. Very useless! smile

What it does not do, is tell you a pie chart of what percentage of the page requires a plugin and then show performance data vs that chart. Look at all the other plugins you have – they all do basically nothing. rtMedia has a lot of things to lookup, load, and then display, that’s why the numbers are high.

If you disabled rtMedia, all of a sudden your pie chart would show BuddyPress as taking up 40% of the pie chart. Does that mean buddypress is slow? Nope! smile

If you want to test performance, test load times. ( ). Or, better yet, install “Query Monitor” plugin from the free wordpress repository. That will tell you what SQL queries are slow.

You’ll probably be amazed, that rtMedia is a very fast and well optimized plugin. I run it on a site with over 60,000 members that has over 130,000 videos and pictures. Fast as all hell.

I’m not a rtcamp employee, just a guy who uses a number of the plugins here. You should safely uninstall P3, it’s just useless garbage. smile


(The above post I wrote a while back).

If you’re on shared hosting, call your webhosting company and ask them if the server is having a load problem. If the problem has never happened and just randomly started doing that all of a sudden, it wouldnt be a configuration or a plugin issue, it’s a server issue.


Yes, I am agree with @illusionsglass, instead of just checking fancy pie chart, please use query monitory plugin so that you will find exact time frame which query and plugin taking more time. We also monitor the same on our demo sites. No problem at all. :slight_smile:

Your help and suggestions always welcome to improve plugins. (y)


I see what you mean and I will use some other plugins to check but I did this test in the past several times and it wasn’t this result, not nearly.