Read this first for rtMedia 3 Migration Related Issues

Some users reported Migration Related issues. This post is guidelines for migrating smoothly from BuddyPress-Media 2.x to rtMedia 3.x.

Things that can go wrong:

  1. rtMedia needs two database tables i.e. wp_rt_rtm_media and wp_rt_rtm_media_meta. If it fails to create them, migration will NOT work.
  2. rtMedia migration is designed in a way that if you keep your browser tab open, it can run forever. For this site itself migration took hours. To speed up migration, please deactivate other plugins.
  3. Apart from speed-issues, other plugins can also interfere between migration.
  4. If you have a live site, create a test site with live data to test migration script first.
  5. Make sure test site has exact same server environment, permission & config. Otherwise what works on test site may fail on live site.

If still migration fails, create a support request with guidelines given here -

How do we create these database tables?? Please expand on that. I'm very willing to do it, but I have no idea what you are talking about.

And, I had turned off all my plugins, and tried migration, and it still didn't work. And now, I have a frozen migration bar that just won't go away, no matter what I do. I have a media-driven site. I want this resolved. This is ridiculous. You guys should have documentation about step by step for the basic issues, like creation of these tables, for instance. Other developers do, and very nicely. it would save a lot of time and energy for everyone, including yourselves.

Still have the same problem with the lighbox in update 3.0.2

landscape modus at portrait pictures !!! please read the other treath from me

and what about the group ??

The plugin seems to be getting better with each new update. However, I am still having some minor issues. The images do not seem to be resizing when viewing in both lightbox or without. It shows landscape images with no problem, but cuts off most of any portrait pictures.

Also, showing the image name in the activity stream seems to look tacky when viewing from a desktop. Not a major issue, but removing it would be an improvement in my book.

Hope to see the portrait image fix soon. Keep up the good work guys.

Got this on the latest update (3.0.3):

WordPress database error: [Multiple primary key defined] ALTER TABLE wp_rt_rtm_media ADD PRIMARY KEY (id)

WordPress database error: [Duplicate key name 'context'] ALTER TABLE wp_rt_rtm_media ADD KEY context(context)

WordPress database error: [Multiple primary key defined] ALTER TABLE wp_rt_rtm_media_meta ADD PRIMARY KEY (id)

Let me know if I need to do anything...

C’mon Rahul, you gotta be kidding! “If you have a live site, create a test site with live data to test migration script first.
Do you actually believe that every user of bpMedia/rtMedia works at a developer’s company?
Please don’t tell me there is not a step by step tutorial on how to migrate from bpM to rtM.


Thanks for showing some appreciation. Appreciate your support. :slight_smile:

I will reciprocate it soon, once we are done with stabilising current rtMedia.


I am not kidding but I think you are kidding by asking for a step-by-step tutorial.

Anyway, below is overview of steps… Just tell me if you want more details.

  1. You start by creating 2 database tables. Schema can be found in source code
  2. You then create rtMedia folder in wp-content/uploads
  3. Then under rtMedia create 2 subfolders: user and group
  4. Then under user create folder with userid as its name for every user who ever uploaded a media on profile.
  5. Then under group create folder with groupid as its name for every group which has some media uploaded in it.
  6. Now move every file to its relevant subfolder under user or group
  7. Keep track of old file path and new file path for each file. Also keep track of their privacy and other details. Also don't miss thumbnail, etc
  8. Then add all media-upload into two rtMedia database table one-by-one
  9. Then go to buddypress' activity tables and file all old activities and manually write HTML for every single upload

If you have 1 or 2 media files, it might be possible to do manually step-by-step. If you have 100’s of files, then please make sure while writing HTML in last step, you carefully close tags. Otherwise it might break your theme!

I don’t believe everyone is developer but if you are planning to start social network AND do not have technical skills atleast have $100 budget to hire a freelancer/developer or us. In fact, we are giving free support to everyone who trustfully gave unrestricted access to their sites.

Sorry but we cannot help people who did not choose to ask for it! And if one doesn’t know how to take backup then they are wrong people to run a self-hosted WordPress.

Bottomline is - we are offering free support here. Its better to ask for help. We have dedicated entire next week to help everyone in trouble.


I am not sure why this error occurred. It will be great if you share your login details (admin access) with me, so we can cross check the exact problem and try to debug it.
Also please confirm that, the database and upload backups are taken by you.
Drop details here [email protected].


@franksenftleben & @Rendezvous

We are looking into these issues.
Thanks for your patience.

Moderation Note:

legalyblind’s reply was duplicate of his another reply -

Hi all,
the latest update failed and the plugin has disappeared from the list of installed plugins.
when I reinstalled the plugin does not work anymore the link to the photo album or users: page not found.
How can I restore it?

Debug info
PHP 5.2.14
MYSQL 5.5.31
WordPress 3.5.2
BuddyPress 1.7.3
rtMedia 3.0.0
Imagick Not Installed
GD bundled (2.0.34 compatible)
[php.ini] post_max_size 22M
[php.ini] upload_max_filesize 18M
[php.ini] memory_limit 128M
if you try to view a photo posted by a user of the site, an error is returned.
If you use the default theme for BuddyPress, when I click on the media, nothing happens.


Hi Carlo,

Please try by saving the permalink structure under Settings -> Permalinks.
If problem still exist, do share your WordPress admin details with us @ [email protected]

Now Work :slight_smile:


Thanks for confirmation. :slight_smile:

I’ve another problem with all theme: the media page of BuddyPress is displayed incorrectly: the right sidebar components are moved at the bottom of page:

can you help me?


You can use the rtMedia templates and customize it as per your need, follow the instructions from here

@carlo71 did you get this fixed? I have the exact same issue.