Re-generate thumbnail ? HOW?

To give a try to this solutions, use the re-generate thumbnail for 1-2 images and you will get the output. If its working fine, then go for all the images. Make sure to choose correct size as per your need in rtMedia settings (sizes).

RE: I try - but tell me how ??
Where i can re-generate the thumbs ???

Use the re-generate thumbnail plugin. Once you installed and activate it, you can re-generate the image sizes which you have specify in rtMedia settings.

okay - i try it. the old thumbs are okay now - but when i upload new pictures, the size is not correct as the settings in the rtmedia settings.

Look on your buddypress testsite - the high of the portrait thumbs is not correct.

Okay, We checked that again. Hopefully, it will get fixed in next release.