Rating-Widget Plugin

Hi, I just wanted to drop a line on a quick question, I use Rating-Widget Plugin on my website and the rating stars don’t appear on the activity streams with media on it, I’m awaiting for the developers team response but I just wanted to know if anyone have come across with the same issue.


We are not sure, how that Rating widget plugin work for media ratings, we haven’t implemented that.
However, the rating feature already present in our rtMedia Pro plugin.

Interesting, I’ve tested the LIVE DEMO, and I did’nt see to be able to rate post on activity stream, Having said so, Let me tellyou what I was looking for to see if the PRO version can achive that.

SSL Support,
Top Rated Widgets
Rate (Sitewide Activity Stream with and withot media attached /Users/And Group Activites)


rtMedia is use for media related stuff, if you are looking for activity post should have rating, then our plugin don’t do that.

RatingWidget is now officially integrated with rtMedia plugin to show beautiful Like button or 5-star ratings on all activity updates.

Hi Vova,
I am glad that you have made RatingWidget plugin compatible with rtMedia. Many thanks :slight_smile: