Question about Functionality and Shortcodes


Hello Guys,

Firstly, thank you for developing this plugin, it is simple, but effective and I look forward to updates and developments!

I would like to ask a few of questions about the user functionality if possible.

  1. Is there any way of controlling the size of thumbnail, specifically

    those that are posted to the activity feed.

  2. Is there any way of removing the Video and music button from the top

    of the media area? My users can only upload images.

  3. In the future, will extra functionality be added, such as giving the

    users ability to delete and manage their image and albums, change

    album thumbnails, copy image url button, share etc ?

  4. Is there any way that users will be able to add their image to a

    blog post via shortcode ? It would be excellent to enable users to

    add their image to post, rather than have to upload them again to

    the WP media folders.?

With big Thanks


  1. For this you can refer to this: Image sizing
  2. We'll be doing that soon here's the ticket you can track for that Issue #58
  3. Even currently users can delete their media files and albums, but we'll soon be improving the UI for their management; and about Album Thumbnail, the feature is completed and will be available in the next major release.
  4. Someone had posted some code for something like you say you want to implement, you can use it:
    function media_shortcode($atts) {  
            'id' => '0'  
            ), $atts)  
        $media=new BP_Media_Host_Wordpress($id);  
        return $media->get_media_single_content();  
    add_shortcode(‘media_single’, ‘media_shortcode’);  

    This was added by @robcostello1 on this thread : featured content loop


Hi Gagan,

Thank you for the reply and information. Most Excellent!

I posted a further question on the image sizing in that thread, so thank you.

I’ll also look forward to the next major release with the update to it.

The code you have shown - which file do i need to edit to incorporate it? and how do i implement it in the site - apologies for the questions, my working knowledge of wordpress isn’t brilliant.

With thanks


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Replied to your question for image sizing on the thread Image-sizing