Quesstions about plugin

I'm using the buddypress plugin for the groups/forums but what I thought the BuddyPress media plugin would do is allow my users to have the option of uploading pictures for their post in the forum or in a group. But it looks like they can only upload media in their account for people to look at? Basically I want everyone to be able to interect with pictures but it has to be connected with buddypress. Would be nice if I had a widget that connected with the media section so that I could have a box on the home page show recent uploaded content.

Thanks for the suggestion. We already have that in our roadmap and our developer is on it.

ok that is great! What I think would be nice is the option to have a page connected to buddypress media that all users connect with for media related content. For instance Im setting up a site that is related, say a user takes a car picture, I want him to be able to upload the picture quick for everyone to see, they then can blog on it, then shown on the homepage under recent content everyone coming to the site could see it. Maybe have it on a slider of some sort or a small grid. hmmm. Thanks for the reply


Group album support is already present in new rtMedia -3 http://wordpress.org/plugins/buddypress-media/

Attachment support for buddypress-group-forum and bbpress-forum will be added in rtMedia-PRO in upcoming releases. https://rtcamp.com/store/rtmedia-pro/

Please upgrade and let us know if you face any new issue.