Query RE: Migration using EE


Hi there,

I am aware there are quite a few similar threads and I have read them all, but I’d just like to clear a couple of things up.

I currently have a WP site hosted on shared hosting (FatCow to be precise) however, my visitor numbers have grown drastically over the past three months to a stage where I want my own VPS - and ultimately full control myself.

I have purchased a DigitalOcean account and have tried various tutorials on there side of installing WordPress on Nginx etc, however my question is regarding a migration using EE.

Is it possible to migrate from a shared hosting account using EasyEngine? I seen a tutorial on here regards transferring files from another server to a new one, but I assumed it was from one VPS to another?

Basically I want a seamless transition during the migration.

1. Is it possible to migrate from FatCow shared hosting to VPS using EE

2. If so, will my URL structure (existing articles/posts) be disrupted?

Basically I love the idea of EE and I want to migrate from shared hosting to a VPS with no downtime, and indeed no disruption to my current setup (no broken links etc).

Be great if I got an answer, appreciate all the good work that has gone into this :slight_smile:


Hi g.dooce,
refer this link, for site migration.
It will not affect your url strructure.



Thanks for that.

However, FatCow (my shared hosting) does not allow or cater for SSH - is there any other option for importing files from old server?

Could I download all the files and import from Desktop location using a similar terminal command?



You can use lftp for file transfer.


That is excellent - thanks Harshad.

Keep up the great work. :slight_smile: