Query on RtDating

I wanna buy this theme. But before doing that I have some questions:

  1. When was the theme last updated?
  2. What slider does it use? Can I have revolutionary slider… I mean… is the theme compatable to accept it?
  3. I dont see much topics in your forum, so I just wanna know more about the support.
  4. When was the theme created?


Answers to your questions:

  1. Current theme version is 1.1.3 We frequently release our rtDating theme as per features or changes. Currently our team working on changes in theme settings from titan to redux framework. It will be released in next week or two.

  2. We are using cycle2 slider with rtDating theme. No, revolutionary slider is not supported. However, for revolutionary slider you may need to add some custom code for HTML/CSS to make it compatible. Or you can get a support from our team for the same.

  3. We have a premium support forum for all our customers https://rtcamp.com/premium-support, our developers directly provide one to one support over there. And this is community support for everyone who are using our free plugins/themes.

  4. This theme created 4 months ago and also provide 3 updates till now.

Let us know if you have any other questions.



How much will you charge to add the revolution slider

Hello @SKS,

I think Nitun is in touch with you via email. He will reply you soon over email.

Thank you!