Purging problem wpsubdir



in my multisite setup with subdirectories purging doesn’t seem to work anymore. The nginx helper tries to purge according to it’s log (I’ve set it to INFO log level) but in the log it says “is currently not cached” for every URL while it definitely is cached.

I’ve tried using both purge methods. And while it is right that the cache files it tries to find aren’t there the pages are still cached on the output with the date of my last manual full purge. Full purges continue to work great but the automatic purges on page creation or comment approval don’t work.

Any idea what may be happening? It seems like the plugin is trying to delete something that isn’t there while leaving the right cache files in place.

I’m using php7 and wpfc and also checked the post that is linked within the plugin settings (this one) which seems to be way outdated. Is there still some modifications needed for wpsubdir? I thought it had already worked fine during the last weeks)

Any help is appreciated.