Purging Fast CGI after Purging Autoptimize


Hi guys :slight_smile:

I use a code in my functions, which clear automatically autoptimize cache after reaching to 1 Gb. But it is vital to also purge nginx after this. Otherwise users see my website broken.

Right now Iā€™m using this code, but seems nginx not purge. Do you have any solution?

# Automatically clear autoptimizeCache if it goes beyond 1 Gb
if (class_exists('autoptimizeCache')) {
    $myMaxSize = 1024000; # You may change this value to lower like 100000 for 100MB if you have limited server space
    if ($cacheSize>$myMaxSize){
#       rtCamp\WP\Nginx::true_purge_all();
	add_action('rt_nginx_helper_purge_all', array(&$this, 'true_purge_all'));
       header("Refresh:0"); # Refresh the page so that autoptimize can create new cache files to prevent breaking the page after clearall.

add_action('rt_nginx_helper_purge_all', 'true_purge_all');