Public repository not accessable

I want to clone a repository on a server but I always get access denied even if the visibility is set to normal. How can I clone a repository when I'm on a server? Isn't there a way to get read only access to the repo? Or clone it by using username and password instead of ssh key?

@TWerdin visibility is activeCollab source module feature to set visiblity for activeCollab user in source tab.

If you want read only access then just add that server public key in user profile and give that user readonly permission in Manage Access tab.

Readonly key also know as Deploy Keys which is in feature request and already planned in next releases.

When I'm on a server I don't have my key on it so I would like to see an opportunity to clone a repository without a key, either without any authentification or with a normal username/password authentification.

@TWerdin gitolite does not provide username/password authentication.