Public Gallery


I have just bought rtmedia pro, and I can see you can place the upload button anywhere on a page. Is it possible to place the upload button on a page, so my members can upload pictures directly on that page. I want it called "Gallery" And it should only be pictures that should be uploaded. Can you help me? And write the shortcode I can use for that?


Its because I got a community called MeeWork:, and it could be really fine if I could have three pages. One called Art, Music and Video. And on each page they can only upload pictures in art, music in music, and videoes in video. MeeWork is a community for artists. So it could be good if they could make that media public.


Set media_type attribute in gallery shortcode.

eg. for photo gallery [rtmedia_gallery media_type=photo ]

for uplaoder you can use [rtmedia_uploader privacy=0]

Currently uploader shrotcode doesn't have any attribute to define accept media type, but we will add it sooner.