Profile Cover Image Not Sizing Correctly


When I choose a photo for my cover photo it does not size properly and there is no option to crop it.
I also tried using a photo that was exactly 803x315 and it still doesn’t show correctly. I made sure that the changes were made in rtMedia according to this document:
I also installed and ran the thumbnail regenerator plugin.
Screenshot of the issue and the original image attached…

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Hello Josiah,
I have checked link and it looks fine at our end.

In which browser you found this issue?


Hi there. My cover photo is not displaying right. It’s like zoomed or i became bigger resulting to blurdness of the image.


It shows the same way on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


It looks fine on another machine. I think it has something to do with the cache on my Mac.


@Josiah, Thanks for the info.


I have the same issue did you find out how to fix it?