Problems with translation

Hi, I found out that some words were not translated into German, so I translated them and uploaded the .mo file. But still the words were in English. Then I saw, that there are also some language files called buddypress media. So I deleted the German one just to find out, if it’s beeing used. And indeed, now everything was in English. So it seems like on my system, the buddypress media .mo file is used. Can this be right? If yes, where do I find the translated .po file (as far as it’s translated)? Thanks Yours Mario

Hello @dabiathlet,

Can you specify for which words you are looking for translation?

Make sure the words are translated correctly if you are using your own translation. You only need to update the German-language file (.mo) accordingly.

You can check the status of translated words for your language here :

If you find some missing words for German, you can contribute them and they will be available in future release.

Thank you.

It’s several words like “load more” … But the problem is: Even if I update the .mo file, they are still in English. So I did the test I described above and it seems, that my installation of rtmedia still uses the “buddypress media” translation. But there is no .po file for translation with poedit. So, I’m sure it can’t be right, that my system uses the “buddypress media” translation, but it seems the only way to fix the missing translation. Or do you have another solution? Thanks! Yours Mario By the way: I can’t register for the translation project. It says registration is disabled.