Problems with my sites


i did the following for my sites…

i created the site then deleted the files and database then imported my own files and database now is blank and wont load anything.

i did this because i was unable to find a tutorial on how to migrate.

Are your database credentials correct in wp-config.php? Site and Home URL correct as well?

We use UpdraftPlus for site migrations, it takes care of many things for us including serialisation of data in tables. Perhaps look into something like that, if manually moving is causing you troubles.

everything is correct, i use same details, so i dont have to start changing stuffs

seems like a premium feature

Yes it is, but it is very worth it, and esp as you can automate it for staging, backups, etc – we have no affiliation with Updraft; however, it is so useful it has become a core component used on all of our sites and client sites.

Well I don’t have money to buy stuff now… I hope i will get help here to fix the problem before i delete the server as it’s adding more bills to my account.