Problems with media gallery showing

[rtmedia_uploader context=”post” context_id=”2” album_id=”34” privacy=”40”]


[rtmedia_gallery global=“false” context=“post” context_id=“23” media_type=“photo” media_author=“1”]

I have added these two short codes to a page I also have a gogles map on this page. With video content. The problem I see is that this page a made in my wordpress site is working fine except if you sign in as another user other than admin I did through my android. What I am seeing is it says gallery there on the page when I upload the photos to the page they upload fine although I have a a short code there for a gallery, and their is no gallery al the photos went to the profiles page…

I am not using the uploader alome says on my listings page .

Media Gallery

Oops !! There’s no media found for the request !!

I am also looking fi=or some customization I want pages people can upload listings to sell items. as well. I will buy the media gallery pro although I would like to see the short codes work properly. The site is if you care to look the listing page is

Hello @vinnyvrj1,

For which short-code you are having this issue? You can also check by putting each of them in different pages.

I guess you have already contacted over premium support for customization work.

Thank you.