Problems with mail server

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to install a mail server and use it with my domain but I can’t find a way to connect to roundcube.

I used the “ee stack --mail” command and it installed everything.

I even connected to vimbadmin and created an email address with my domain

But I don’t know how to configure my dns to access to

My domain is with OVH and for now I have an A record pointing to the IP address of my server.

My host name is

What do i need to do to have access to the email address I just created and roundube at

Thanks in advance

You can find all informations here :

I tried already to follow these steps but my A record is just the ip address of my server. If I change it to I can’t access my website

You can add more than a single A record

Oh I didn’t know that.

So should I add a A record of targeting the IP address ?

Yes a A record to mail.yourdomain.tld a MX records to mail.yourdomain.tld etc …

Ok thank you very much for the precisions. I’m quite a newbie in all DNS related configurations.

Now that I have all dns records set up, how exactly do I access Roundcube ?

Is it ?

I tried that too. Actually it’s the first documentation I tried but it doesn’t work. doesn’t work

have you added a A records for webmail.yourdomain.tld ?


I have tried on a vps with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, with two domains, and for both of them webmail.mydomain.tld redirect me to the webmail

I must have have forget one step.

Can you please give me step by step what you did to get it ?

Exactly the same step than in the section mail of the documentation :

Ok my bad, there were a mistake with my mx record.

Now I can access it by

However when i try to connect to the email I created with vim admin it doesn’t work, the website says page is not accessible

Have you created an admin account with the security salt code ? Try to remove and to reinstall the mail server :

ee stack purge mail
ee stack install mail

Yeah I tried to install everything again and same problem.

I have access to the login panel, but when I try to login and press enter the website redirects to a page that is not present on the server.

what is the error message displayed by your web browser ?

It’s a browser error saying the page requested doesn’t exist

Also on a different matter I cannot make my website work by forcing the www. Before my domain

I put a dns A record target IP address An other A record target IP address

And I put in the nginx conf of website the code from easy engine documentation to force www.

And now I have a browser error saying too many redirects…

I always have errors, what can I do ?