Problems with AC because of Gitolite module

Hi guys.

Right now I have 4.2.3 version of AC and of Gitolite module. And I have a problem (it existed on earlier versions too (from 4.1 AC update)). When module is disabled - everything is okay. But if it is enabled, we cannot create in AC tasks, new users, milestones etc. If you need more details, let me know.

I have a suggestion about permissions on cache files. Investigating it right now.

Some of the files and folders in cache are created with permissions root:root, instead of www-data:www-data. And this is happening only, when Gitolite module is enabled. Any suggestions?

Hey @jin

Just try to clean cache, recompile template and rebuild assets.

If still not work then send me your login details on

We are not doing anything with cache folder, its activeCollab inbuilt functionality for templates and object cache (If you have defined on config.php like APCCACHE or something )

Cleaning of cache and recompiling works only few minutes. But after some time (I believe on cronjob /tasks/frequently.php), some of the files and folders are recreated with root:root permissions.

Main question is: Why is it happening only when your module is enabled? :)

I Hope you would have setup your cron in apapche/nignx user crontab.

Oh, Faishal, you're right. Crontab was on root user. But it's weird it worked before and stopped now. Anyway, thank you very much for your help. You pushed me in correct direction. Seems like it works now with crontab on www-data user.

Glad to know that it is fixed now :)

FYI : There are two type of cron in activeCollab, first is using curl and second is using php.

If you are planning to use curl then you can setup it in anyuser, but if you are planning to use php then it should be the same user which is running php web server ( php5-fpm / apache ) to avoid permission issue. there are pros and cons also !!

I checked the code of module, we used frequently,hourly and daily hooks to update remote repo code, might be that time activeCollab is compiling some templates !!