Problems after update


Hi guys, I have several problems after update to 3.0.7 (3.0.8 now)

First, in Album Gallery and Media Gallery all thumbs are one bellow another, not 3 in a row like before (I think it was 3, maybe 4…)
I set number of images to 24 and they are (should) load via ajax when I click next. But this is what I get from ajax:
SyntaxError: malformed Unicode character escape sequence
[Break On This Error]


  • \n\undefined\undefined<a href
  • fU7bCs…9pGw.js (line 4, col 5)

    And I can’t delete some albums and images. There is no delete button.



    We have removed the grid from our plugin, as its not reliable for many other users. Now you can write your own style by using our rtMedia templates (


    In addition to this problem:

    I found what is making problem is style - w3 total cache minify caused many, many problems. I turned off all plugins to test normally just rt media after upadate and i have problem with images and albums. There is no delete button anywhere. My media is migrated, but i am not sure whole process went well. After that i had delete only on some images, even if i am administrator of the site and a group. I didn’t change permissions for media…
    You have an idea what’s wrong?

    Thanks :slight_smile:


    As of now only the image author is able to delete the image from the front end. So you would have permissions to delete images that you have uploaded irrespective of whether you are an admin or not. This would be sorted in the future versions.


    Ohhh, i wasn’t expecting that… Good to know.
    Well, with all respect i disagree that’s good. Buddypress networks are very, very popular target for spammers/splogers and if you have 10000+ users and 2000+ medias it would be a large problem to browse them in admin panel to delete unwanted/inappropriate content. All buddypress is designed to maintain easy from frontend for admins anyway…

    What about albums? I can’t delete albums too, even those i created.

    Please change your database in next update. It’s latin_swedish_ci which is missing many important letter for non-english users. Consider changing at least some fields as media_title to utf8_general_ci

    Thanks for plugin and help guys


    Yes that is not the expected functionality and we will be implementing that in the future versions.

    Regarding the albums; You will not be able to delete the default album. Are you having problem deleting other albums that you have created too? If yes, could you share a link to your site.

    Regarding the database collation, you can change the defaults by going through this tutorial ->