Problem with video and audio files.(they are not uploading)

I have tried deactivate and then activate the plugin but it seems no help , but the photos upload just fine, what should i do?


Please confirm below:

  1. You have enabled Videos and Audio under rtMedia Settings -> Type

  2. Which format of Audio/Video are you uploading? Is .mp4 and .mp3 format also not uploading? If you are uploading other formats of media files, please use the transcoder plugin along with rtMedia

  3. Have you tried deactivating other plugins (except BuddyPress and rtMedia)? Also, kindly check once by deactivating current theme and use WordPress default theme.



Hey Nutin , i have done all that you said but it didnt seems to work.

Hello @Ronodeep_Das,

Please, could you check if you are facing any server error in server error-log or console error in the browser while uploading media?

Also, please share the debug info with us. You can find it under rtMedia -> Settings -> Support -> Debug info tab.