Problem with translation strings

Hi, I’m doing a Greek translation for rtmedia and found that there is a problem with some strings:

‘Wall Posts’, ‘Public’, ‘Logged in Users’, ‘Friends’, ‘Private’ and ‘Attach Media’ (activity button tooltip), don’t get translated into my language.

All of the above strings exist in PO file (except ‘Attach Media’) and I translated them, but for some reason are still showing in English.

Hi @proteas

On which page you find these strings untranslated. We checked the code and all these strings are translation ready.

For “Attach Media”, we found that po file wasn’t updated and hence that word was missed. We have updated the po file and it will be available in next release.

If you want, you can contribute to rtMedia translations. Please check this doc: for how to contribute to rtMedia translations.


Hi thanks for your response.

I found some more strings that don’t get translated:

Private - Visible only to the user’ /app/main/RTMedia.php line 407 ‘Friends - Visible to user’s friends’ /app/main/RTMedia.php line 408 ‘Logged in Users - Visible to registered users’ /app/main/RTMedia.php line 409 ‘Public - Visible to the world’ /app/main/RTMedia.php line 410

The locations are:

The dropdown for privacy under activity. The dropdown for privacy and the ‘Wall Posts’ album in the upload section. The default privacy options in the user’s profile.