Problem with translate some words

i can’t find translate option to words:
All Music, All Photos, All Video, Add Album, There are no comments on this media yet., people like this. Where i can translate it?

Please look in print screen:



I've discovered same issues. Looks like some messages are not translated because they are not gettexted. E.g. the "All Photos" message: Path: /wp-content/plugins/buddypress-media/templates/media/ File: media-gallery.php Line 13: <?php if( $title ) { echo $title ; } If you change it to: <?php if( $title ) { echo __( $title, ‘rtmedia’) ; } The message will be translated.

Possibly the issues with other messages which are not translated properly are caused by the same reason.


Hello again,

The issue with "Add Album" is slightly different, but still related to calling gettext functions.

Path: /wp-content/plugins/buddypress-media/app/main/controllers/template/ File: rt-template-functions.php Line: 1380

Current code: $options[] = “” . __(‘Add Album’) . “”;

Change it to: $options[] = “” . __(‘Add Album’, ‘rtmedia’) . “”;

Cheers, Anton.

Found one more place that needs a fix:

Message: Media –> lightbox – "people like this" is not translated. Path: /wp-content/plugins/buddypress-media/app/main/controllers/template/ File: rt-template-functions.php Line: 1728 Issue: missing ‘rtmedia’ in _e(‘people like this’) Should be: in _e(‘people like this’, ‘rtmedia’)


@Tomasz, Please check this document -> you can add missing translations of your language.

@Anton, Thanks for reporting the issue. We will fix it. Also check the link I just gave above.

Ritesh Patel, i translated this words and update rmedia to 3.6.11 (Polish and Russian translation and bug), reskan polish translate in code styling location. I see my translate in files .po and .mo but i my site i see still don't translate words about i wrote: All Photo, All Video, All music etc. How to fix it?

Yeah I checked. It seems to be some problem. We will fix it and will update the plugin.