Problem with the way RT Media is diplaying

I am having an issue with the way rtmedia is displaying on the blog. I have used six different themes, so do not believe it is a theme problem. The error is identical to the following link…

Is there a more defined tutorial to fix this issue?

@stephenafarley, can you give URL of the site?

Using Metropro theme

see example of error

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I have solved the problem by auditing plugins. How can I remove the line of text that still appends to to the top of the screen?


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I checked these two pages and It has markup issues. Please check markup of the template. The text you are getting is actually title of the page, displayed without “title” tag.

I have identified the plugin that conflicts with rtmedia. It is WPMU ultimate facebook. Is there an existing fix for this?

@stephenafarley, Currently we don’t have any fix for this issue.

Sorry to say that you would need to contact to Ultimate Facebook plugin developers.

You can report this issue to Ultimate Facebook plugin’s support forum and see what they are suggesting regarding this.