Problem with showing pic

hi, i have a problem with the gallery on my oage.
its all fine looking and the thumbnais are looking good but if i click on a pic to show it bigger it allways shows only half size. the top of the pic is missing.
what can i do to fix it and show the full pic ?

and after clicking on the first pic.

thanks a lot and sorry for my bad english.

Hello @Butterzeugs,

Please once check it by activating WordPress default theme and also by disabling other plugins on your site.

Let us know if the issue still exist.

Thank you.

@pranalipatel thank you for your answer.

its the same problem with the default theme. But i did try the regenerate Thumbnails fuction and it worked.

now it looks good.

but i still dont know what the problem was and i think if i load new pic up it will be the same and i have to use the regenerate thumbnails function over and over again.

Hello @Butterzeugs,

No, you don’t have to regenerate thumbnails again except you modify image size from admin settings.

Have you tried uploading new image? If not then once try uploading fresh upload and of issue still persists let us know about it.

Thank you.