Problem with redirection

Firstly i had a domain on blogspot, nextand then changed to (hosting OVH), now i prepare changed it on wordpress and used it without for example 04/2010 and redirection not working : what i should to with this? thx for anserw. Regards from Poland:)

firstly of course it was :)

Somebody can help me?


Following points you need to cross check:

  1. While importing the content from account, your blog URL was

  2. Cross check the code generated by the plugin is for this URL

  3. The WordPress permalink structure for posts. As you have given this URL of post and the present permalink structure is like this (without HTML).

  4. Revert the blogger blog URL with (instead of custom domain)

  5. Important, follow this DIY article to finish the blog migration process.




Have you followed the instructions mentioned above? Is the redirection problem still persist? Let me know..