Problem with mysql backup when trying to activate HHVM

Hey there! I just upgraded to the latest version of EasyEngine (3.1) and I’m trying to activate HHVM, but I’m getting an error when it tries to make a backup of mysql.

This is the message I recieve:

Command Output: , 
Command Error: mysqldump: Got error: 1045: Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) when trying to connect

Seems like it doesn’t find my password? Do I have to add it somewhere?


// Jens.


It seems problem with your ~/.my.cnf file. Please check if it has right credentials.

Thanks @harshadyeola!

Could you please tell me how I do this? I tried the following:

vi ~/.my.cnf

…but this created a new file. So is there a special path I need to use?


// Jens.


Make sure that you are running commands with root user.

Check if your /root/.my.cnf file present on server and it has correct credentials.

If you are logged in to your server with other than root user please switch to root user


copy .my.cnf to your users home directory ~/.my.cnf

cp /root/.my.cnf ~/.my.cnf.


Yes, I was logged in as root. What is the steps I need to do as root?


// Jens.


Then there must be .my.cnf in your home directory. As EasyEngine creates it while installing mysql .

if you don’t have it, then please create it with

vim ~/.my.cnf



password=mysql root user password

Hi @jensfilipsson

It’s been a long time, and we haven’t heard from you. It looks like your issue is resolved.

I am closing this support topic for now. Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: