Problem with LE - Can not validate challenge for domain

Hey guys - I keep getting an error when setting up a site. When it gets to the SSL part, I always get

“Can not validate challenge for domain”.

Any ideas?

I’ve got the same issue,
hunting for a solution myself
any update?

root@x1:/opt/easyengine/logs# ee site ssl 
Starting SSL verification.
Warning: Failed to verify SSL: Can not validate challenge for domain
Warning: Check logs and retry `ee site ssl` once the issue is resolved.

but when i run the host command to check my TXT value on my domain, the info is there

thing is, i wonder if i copied it wrong,

how do we find the TXT value again? i cant see it in the logs…

Have you entered both TXT values? You should have had two.

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root@xx1:~# host -t TXT descriptive text "-YuVPCnP5Jxxwp_1HmFncfLIaeeWtHU3nrhAjVT-iP4" descriptive text "YVLkox8TwvodY21ZvViIUsNbUXm7BS0zbkMkc5pW57s"

yep, I have both… but still nada…

i actually deleted the site
and created a new one
but im getting the same problem

and the values came up as the same when reinstalling,
however, when i do a dns test on,
once i get the results,
i get this error

acme: error code 403 "urn:ietf:params:acme:error:unauthorized": Incorrect TXT record "YVLkox8TwvodY21ZvViIUsNbUXm7BS0zbkMkc5pW57s" (and 1 more) found at 

so somethings up

im trying to set up a wildcard,
on network mode install, so im using the mu build,

Sounds like there’s something up with your DNS. I created a wildcard and it’s working for me. Double check the settings in your registrar and make sure you have all your entries in there and correct.

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Hello ninjaroll,

yea, i just deleted the zone file and re-did it, and now its working
now im trying to get the SSL working on my subdir/multisite