Problem with Friends page (on the Personal Profile)


When ever I have BaddyPress Media activated, On the Friends page (on the Personal Profile) the massages are dublicated to other users. See file attached: OksanART update was “test”. “test” was duplicated to other users. When ever I deactivated BaddyPress Media, I get broken links instead. (see file attached). This makes me think BaddyPress Media is creating this issue. I also tried other theme and tried to deactivate other plugins and I had the same problem.


Before deactivation


I tried to attached files here, but it would not let me.


Could you send us a link to your site?



Its difficult to understand the problem you are facing. Could you try attaching the image once again?


this is before BP Media activation


It would not let me to attach the file for some reason. But I posted the screen shoots on the website: You can click on the image to make it bigger.

You can also go to this page for example:
What ever OksanART wrote is appearing as a last post of some of her friend on this page when BP Media is active. When it is not there is just a code.


This looks like a bug from our end. Thanks for bringing this to our notice. This should be fixed in the next update.