Problem with blogger custom domain

Hi there, I have a blogger blog with custom URL ( I would like to move my blogger blog to my new wordpress blog at

I used your plugin but I get a 'Page not found error' when I click on any blogger post. I have followed every step in the plugin page. I had imported my blogger articles before installing the plugin. When I first used your plugin, it showed me my blogger blog ( and asked me to verify. Also I copy pasted the code as asked. But during verification phase when I click on the blogger link I get the error. But all my wp links (imported ones and existing) are working fine. I even tried the fix.php method. But it was also of no use.

What should I do? My blog is offline for two days and I want to move it fast. Please provide a solution. Also I have no access to the DNS records to the site. I though I should tell you this, just in case.

Thanks in advance.

Hi ashikdinesh,

I can see that your both the URLs ( and moving in infinite loop hence the problem occurred.
Cross check the script code which you added inside blogger template as well as your DNS settings.

I used the code as given in the plugin

You can view the code at

Also I have no access to DNS records of the blog. I only have to access to the ftp of the site.

I can see you were using the same domain on blogger blog and WP blog which means you don’t need to use our blogger to WordPress redirection plugin, unless you are using different WordPress inside “ideas” folder.
Things you can do:

  1. Find the domain registrar access. If you purchased domain from then this article might help you.
  2. Change the IP address in it with current hosting account IPs.

That’s it!

I hope given inputs will be helpful for you.
OR if the process is complicated for you, then you can hire our team.