Problem with 3.7.38

Can I get the older version 3.7.37 from somewhere? With 3.7.38 my whole buddypress sitewide activity is not working

Specifically, lightbox is not working and when I click on an image, it is now saying media is not working. Please so let me know where can i get the older version as I accidentally updated this in my live site…

Hello @Navinachettri

You can find all the older versions of rtMedia here Direct download link of 3.7.37 (

Can you please let us know if you have done any custom changes in your theme for rtMedia lightbox or anything else? It would help us to identify issue. With this 3.7.38 version, nothing is break on our end.



just to let you know - i run latest version as well on inspirebook theme, with BP, not having this issue

Having a different issue after last version upgrade/// using inspirebook (have not changed any templates in my theme, so they should be stock standard)…

As you can see from image 1, the buddypress menu is showing all the tabs (links), and not shortening to a drop down as on pic 2, but only on the media pages