Problem div new pach 3.1.2

There are a div not close in themplate of rtmedia , my theme slit a div content! es of error in my site the my div "contenitore-contenuto-sotto-submenu", dont close with er div ""

please fix the problem. it is very problematic for theme.

@Yukiko.Kawa there is change in templating system main.php file. Please update it in your theme folder will fix the issue.

I have see my code. the problem is: the template upload page code first that gallery main.php "


div id="blog-page" role="main">


h2 class="pagetitle">


div id="post-0" class="post-0 bp_member type-bp_member status-public hentry">


div class="entry">


It is possible change this new fiction? What code upload page code?