Problem display image as an activity


When I insert an image from the activities, the image is inserted in the media, but it is not posted in activities. How can I fix the problem? in the activities you see only the text of the post but not the image. :frowning:

P.S. sorry for my english

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@faceciak - Try deactivating the other plugins and check if it works then. It could be that some other plugin may be conflicting. Also try switching to a default theme and check.


Thank you, I try.

oh my god, I have to turn off 80 plugin :frowning:


@faceciak - With so many plugins there is a good chance of a plugin conflict. Let me know if it works after deactivating all the plugins. If it does then you would need to reactivate all of your plugins one by one to check which plugin is the culprit.