Problem comments

Hello, I’ve a problem with the font-color of the comments. Everything works well, but I need to change the font-color of the comments in the gallery because they are grey light and nobody can read the comments. So how and where can I change the font-color of the comments into black, please. All other fonts are ok. It’s just avec the comments where I’ve that problem Thx forward


Hello @guido69,

Could you please share a screenshot showing the comment text you are talking about? It will help us to assist you with the solution very much.


Hello, Thx for your reply. I made two screenshots. The first one, I wrote something, but it’s nearly impossible to read. In the second screenshot I highlighted the text. I need to change the color of the letters only in that box. All the other ones are ok. I looked in CSS, but I don’t know which one I have to change, because there are many. Thx forwards Guido

Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2