Pro version updates?


I’m interested in buying the pro version once we’re all set on our new site but would like to clarify the issue of future updates. Your website states that the pro version comes with 1 year of updates - what happens at the end of this year? I don’t want to base my new site on software that becomes incompatible with wordpress or Buddypress or other i/net security issues, so have to then redesign it all again with something else.

The vast majority of software is sold with ongoing updates due to compatibility with the CMS and other plugins they’re designed to intergrate with, and general code standards for the www - so how does it work for rtmedia pro?


(I’m just a guy who buys rtcamp’s plugins)

It’s really pretty much like any other plugin out there. You buy the plugin and you get a year of tech support, and updates to the plugin. After the year is up, your version will still work, you just dont get any updates unless you renew, and same for support.

My site has 60,000 members and almost 200,000 videos/photos. I wouldnt use rtMedia Pro if I didnt think they’d be around. They’ve been around for many years already, and update it with more new features than most other pro plugins out there.

These guys are in it as a business, not just a couple of guys in their moms basement writing code in their spare time. It’s a full blow team of pros.

So that’s my vote of confidence for you. Hope it helps.


Hi @perfectp,

As @illusionsglass suggested, all rtMedia add-ons comes with 1 year license. After 1 year, you need to upgrade the license. Even if you don’t upgrade the license, add-on will work fine, it is just that you won’t get any future update or support for that add-on. You can check this doc: for more information on license.

@illusionsglass, thanks for your inputs and feedback. We’re glad to have a customer like you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insight illusionglass as that’s very reassuring.

Obviously with a new business venture it’s important to know as much as possible about ones financial commitment, both for setup and ongoing costs. However I can’t find anywhere the info about the cost of a renewal license once you’ve bought the product. Most other products have a reduced fee for this, compared with the initial purchase price, as often the support required is much less once the product is installed and running correctly - which usually occurs within the 1st year. So please can you confirm what a renewal license fee is for this plugin?

Many thanks.

My licence just needed renewing and it was the 1/2 full price for the update. Totally worth it, as it has lots of great features and they update it often. My only gripe with the Pro version is when an update is offered they don’t show a change log, So you don’t know exactly what files will be changed, that is not very good considering it’s suppose to be the premium version. That really needs to be corrected and I informed them but nothing happened.

Thanks @raytronx for the update and the warning! Both very useful… perhaps the plugin authors will add this to their development road-map - as well as a request for displaying a renewal license price, as it would usually be very obvious next to the original product price.


If memory serves right they were having problems integrating the second-year price when they switched to Easy Digital Downloads from WooCommerce. That was a while ago, though. My next renewal is up in about a month, too.


We offer flat 50% discount on all renewals. :slight_smile:

Thanks for notifying about this. We will add this information to main site.

@raytronx may I know what kind of changelog do you need? Will having .git folder help you?

@rahul286 it would be nice to have a release notes page that details the new features or bug fixes and what files will be changed. Currently I have no clue why I’m upgrading when a new version of rtMedia Pro comes out.

Here is an example of a release notes page done very well.

Thanks Ray

Absolutely! It’s pretty standard practice, and I certainly always check release notes even before updating any of my plugins, as it gives me a heads up for any potential conflicts or theme issues.

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I would fully agree with @raytronx and @perfectp – Changelog would help a great deal!

@all can you please clarify which kind of changelog do you expect?

Something like this - we provide with free version OR output of git log command?

I mean standard changelog which wordpress plugin provides don’t mention which files recent update has modified. File modifications can be found only using svn/git version control or manually running diff command on directories.

Hi @rahul286,

The info at Gihub is great - just need an obvious link to find it. Otherwise something like what BuddyPress provides is good too, as it gives gradually more and more info, depending on what you need to see. I’ve attached some screenshots of their latest changelogs (which I’m sure you’re familiar with) just to clarify:


Just a website with a changelog is all that it needs.

Like how the chagelog is at the top (WC Vendors is a plugin I co-author). Just a simple reference.

Thanks @perfectp and @illusionsglass for more details. :slight_smile:

@perfectp the last image in your reply refers to the trac. Trac equivalent in our case would be our gitlab setup.

We used to previously provide access to our gitlab setup but some customers started using gitlab issue-tracker for support request which made things tough for us.

Gitlab doesn’t provide any role without create issue capability -

I will check gitlab roles in-depth soon and see if we can provide code history/changelog access only. But it will take some time as I am not familiar with gitlab’s internal working.

Thanks for the change log! Much appreciated. Cheers Ray

absolutely - heaps better. Thanks rtmedia!


Please check “Changelog” tab on page.

Is it acceptable? Please let us know if anything else is expected?

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Looks good!

Version 2.5.20 - 27 Apr, 2015 <— 6 days in the future, but beyond that, it looks good! :slight_smile:


Date updated in change log :slight_smile: Thanks for notifying us.