Private Messages Still Show in Latest Update

When setting the privacy of a post, no matter what the privacy settings are they show up in the latest update section of that persons profile and everyone can see it.

If you go to their rtMedia demo site, log in as the demo account, create a private message and then look at their account, you will see the message at the top of their profile that you just set to private.

If anyone knows a fix for this or when it might be fixed that would be awesome!

Hi @ShawnG

I have checked the demo site. Just check this activity: both while loggedin as a demo user and while you logged out. It’s working fine, I couldn’t find any issue. I have posted that activity with privacy selected as private.

Can you give me the activity link for which you are facing this issue?


Thanks @riteshpatel for your help,

Here is the private message current visible in the latest update section of the site

If you visit the account you can see the update “Shhh… Private Post :slight_smile: View” beside the profile picture.

Hi @ShawnG

Ok, I got your issue now. We are looking into it and it will be fixed in future update of rtMedia.


Thank you very much!

Is there any specific time frame that this update will be released?