Privacy issues

Hi, I thought about buying the pro version but it seems like you guys didn’t cover full privacy issues.
Iv’e found out that if I upload a private image through the activity stream, the activity itself is not private, and it shows the image (or at least a portion of the cropped image) inside the activity stream.
How can I achieve full privacy control over the media?
Do you have any bundled solution for media + activity privacy?

Please answer asap since i’m waiting with my purchase of your pro version until I’m sure your plugin covers all privacy issues.


Hi Shiko,
Privacy was working properly with older version. It has issue with the recent update of BuddyPress. This issue will be fixed in next update.

Any expected date for next update?
Next time will I need to test security/privacy each time I update your plugin and buddypress? Isn’t it your responsibility to do so (since your plugin relies on buddypress)?
I just want to be sure that I can use your plugin safely. especially if i’m going to pay for it.

By the way, I’ve noticed you are not supporting regular wall post privacy. If there is no image included, the privacy does nothing.
Why not letting your select box controlling over regular message privacy?

Is there a way I can do it myself via filters and actions ?


Hi Shiko,

Sorry for the inconvenience. We already had released rtMedia v3.6.14 with this bug fix yesterday.
We had tested rtMedia with BuddyPress update it is just we missed to check privacy.

Yes, it is not supporting regular wall post privacy. rtMedia will only came into picture when there is an attachment with the post update.

What rtMedia does is it filters the activity query and check for the attachment and its privacy. If there isn’t any attachment with post update, it won’t store any privacy detail in database. Still, I will discuss it with my team.

Thanks for bringing that issue to our notice.

Is there a simple way to bypass this through hooks and filters ?

Hi Shiko,
The problem is if media isn’t attached it won’t store privacy details. The privacy is for attached media.
If you manage to store privacy details even if any media isn’t attached than this can be done.

Ok, but how?
Where and how do i need to hook to?

btw, there is a separate activity privacy plugin which works pretty good, but It adds another select box just like yours, which look pretty dumb to the users. So I rather use only 1 plugin and yours looks promising.

So either help me to hook into your plugin or you provide the solution as an option (which is required option for all buddypress admins).

There isn’t any filter available. It won’t touch rtMedia if there isn’t any media attached.
You need to use ajaxPrefilter to store the privacy value when BuddyPress makes an ajax call to store the status update. You may need to dig into BuddyPress js code for this. Once you have successfully stored privacy for status update than next you have to do is to use this filter bp_activity_get_user_join_filter to filter the query which will fetch activity updates and check for the privacy values you had stored earlier.