Privacy Control Button Issue on Activity Feed in Mobile

I noticed the privacy controls that I disabled, are still there, users just can’t see it. I noticed the privacy drop down on the activity feed is placed right after the “attach files” button and when I play with the width of the web page and get to a width that is activating my mobile version of my site, the “update” button goes down another line, where it shouldn’t be, and make it very difficult to post an update on mobile. If I disable privacy options for rtMedia then the button shouldn’t load and create such issues.

Is there a way to get rid of the privacy drop down button fully so that it doesn’t interfere with my mobile site??

Please help as this is really affecting the mobile experience on my site,
Thank you for your help,

Can you give version of rtMedia you are using?

BuddyPress by default set the height of the cotainer to 40px through js. That’s what causing the problem.

Hi Ritesh,

I’m using rtMedia v.3.2.8. Can you help?


As I told earlier BuddyPress set height of container to 40px through js. So, it is not possible through CSS tweaks. We will look into it and would find solution for that.

@nicholaus1221, this issue is fixed and will be released soon.