Privacy Bugs w/ Multiple Attachments

Bug A

  1. Attach 2 photos to activity update and set to friends
  2. Set 1 photo to public
  3. BOTH photos are now visible to public in activity feed (even though the other photo is still set to friends)

Bug B

  1. Attach 2 photos to activity update
  2. Set 1 photo to friends
  3. Both photos are still visible in activity feed

Hi Mike,
Thanks for bringing this issue to our notice. We are looking into this and will be updated in future release.


It has been 3 weeks and there have been 2 updates. This issue has still not been addressed. The attachments will never be truly private until this bug is fixed. As a paying customer I expect that critical bugs like this would be solved quickly. Could you please provide an time frame for when this will be resolved?

Hi @mike,
This issue you had reported was fixed in last update of rtMedia i.e. v3.7.2.
We had checked it on our demo site -> and is working fine.