Posting Language problem in buddypress


I posted a picture on my buddypress-site on my profile, the activity stream and in a group.

When I change the language of die site, the whole content changes it’s language, but the picture-post and it’s lightbox stays in the posted language expect on the media tab of the Post-Author!

The problem: If a german user posted something and a spanish user will see the post or clicks the lightbox, he will see the information to like or comment in the language of the Post-Author instead of the user!

Why? And how can I fix this?

Thank you & best regards n4nD09o

Hi @n4nD09o,

This is our understanding of the problem you are facing :

If German user1 uploads a media and adds a comment [ Kommentar in Deutsch ] in the language German.

Spanish user2 visits his website to view the post and comment added by German user1 but finds the comment as [ Kommentar in Deutsch ] instead of [ comentar en alemán ].

If above is the question you wanted to ask then this is the expected behaviour as the comment-content cannot be translated by the plugin / theme in prior. We can suggest you to use browser translator which can help you to translate the whole webpage.

In another case, if you are asking in regards to any text / button / link which is part of our plugin then please share a screenshot so that we can help you with the translation issue.

Thank you.

Hi :),

no, I know that I can’t translate automatic the content of the user!

A more detail example for my problem:

  • German User posted a picture
  • After that German User changes the language to English -> Everything works!

BUT: If another user looks at the posted media, all the strings like “posted 2 minutes ago” or “Like It” and so are showing up in the posted language (in this example german)!

Thank you an best regards.

Hello @n4nD09o,

Thanks for the explanation.

This issue only occurs when a user posts the update from BuddyPress activity. If media is uploaded from user profile then there won’t be such issue.

We are looking for the possible solution with the BuddyPress activity updates.

Thanks again for pointing out this to us.