Postfix with Sparkpost

Hello, i have followed the instructions from sparkpost to set up postfix use their service (worked) but when send emails all are big sendgrid something url and not wordpress domain Also recover wordpress pass display invalid token

What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Do you want your server to be sending with SparkPost or your WordPress site? Or both? I would suggest the SparkPost plugin to accomplish sending from your WP site. I would also suggest using the SparkPost API for your WP site instead of the PHP SMTP mailer, or any SMTP mailer for that matter. Hope that helps.

I am want my server send all emails through sparkpost, not just wordpress installs

@proteus Then it sounds like you are all set after you get the SparkPost plugin working. Use the API not SMTP and you will save yourself a lot of headache.

Edit: You cannot use the SparkPost API in postfix.

thank you @cblakebarber for your time :slight_smile:

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