"Posted an update" translation

When someone uploads an image in the english language version of the site I get the text “Posted an update”. But when I visit the Dutch version of the site it isn’t translated in dutch. And Vice versa.

I use wpml with all the latest versions. Anyone else have this problem?

Hello @rolf.databoss,

The string you have mentioned posted an update is part of BuddyPress plugin. Thus, your issue needs to be checked with BuddyPress plugin for this.

Thank you.

But it’s correctly translated when there isn’t a picture or video uploaded. I only have this problem when a video or picture is uploaded.

Hello @pranalipatel,

You are totally right when you say that this is part of the bp plugin. But the problem is that when you post an update like video or picture, the activity type gets set to rtmedia_update. So buddypress does not translate the text anymore. And it needs to be done by your plugin.



Hello @Jesper_1, you will be happy :slight_smile: to know that we fixed this issue related to translation of buddypress media.

you will find it in next release of rtMedia core plugin

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hello @Jesper_1 and @rolf.databoss,

We have fixed and released this issue with the new version of rtMedia 4.2. Please update the same and let us know if it is working fine for you now.

Thank you, Pranali