Post with attached media missing from mentions page


WordPress 3.6, BurryPress 1.8, rtMedia 3.0.11
local installation on xampp

First of all thx very much for your work, I know development is hard :slight_smile:
I’m still quite new to BuddyPress development so I might be wrong but please follow these steps:

  • send a Public Message to a user (press “Public Message” button from the user profile page)

  • or mention a user from global activity, in both cases you’re sending a post with the “@username” thing

  • now attach a media to your post

  • post your update

  • the other user correctly gets the notification “username mentioned you”

  • the other user clicks on the notification and, since this is a mention, gets his “Mentions” page: /members/username/activity/mentions/

  • but in the “Mentions” page, the post with the attached media is missing

  • the post is visible only:
    – in the global activity page: /activity/
    – if the user is your friend, is visible in your friends page: /members/myusername/activity/friends/
    – if you favorite the post from global activity, then is visible also in your favorite page: /members/myusername/activity/favorites/

Don’t know if this is the intended behavior… shouldn’t be visible in “Mentions” page too?
Greetings from Italy


Just followed the steps you have mentioned, and you are right it looks like a bug. We will look into this and fix it soon.


Hi, thx very much!