Post Update Overide

The present method of rtMedia is to hijack the Post Update button. This is a bad way of doing things as it causes several other plugins and themes to break (overriding anything else that may use the button). Would you be able to change this method to make rtMedia more compatible with other plugins and themes?

@skyrie - We are in the process of changing the way this is being handled soon. Till then you could disable the activity uploading module in the rtMedia settings.

@joshuaabenazer Thanks! Do you have an ETA on your roadmap for this?

@skyrie - There is no ETA as such for this as we are awaiting some changes to be done on the BuddyPress end for this to be implemented properly. As of now there is no proper way of getting this done and lots of plugins hack their way into this.

Thank you for this information!

I hope BP fix this soon as you are right that a lot of plugins hack in there...