Post Formats

Hi, is it possible to have post formats support?

Hello Denis,

You can easily add post format support. Please check following link

Yes, i know the link but…

Do i add it to the child theme or main? IS it going to be lost during an update of the theme by you guys? How to make sure i am putting all the codes right and all?

So… if you could give me the code exactly that i need to put and where i would apreciate it.

Hi Denis,
Are you using child theme or doing changes in parent theme directly?

If you are using child theme, then your changes will not loose after updates of rtPanel, So use of child theme is better than make changes in parent theme directly.

You can put your codes in function.php in given rtPanel Child Theme. You can find more info here

Hi @Sagar, thanks for the reply.

Yes i am using the child theme.

Still, can you give me the proper code to enable all post formats?

Iam still a begginer and codes are confusing.

Thank you

Hi Denis,
Please add following codes in functions.php in your theme.

/* Post Format Support */  
$my_post_formats = array( 'quote', 'chat', 'audio', 'gallery' );  
add_theme_support( 'post-formats', $my_post_formats );  

/* add post-formats to post_type 'page' */  
add_post_type_support( 'page', 'post-formats' );

Let me if this helps you.

Hi Sagar,

Yes, on the article page now i can choose post format.

I need to test a bit more to see if that is respected somehow though.

Thanks for the first step!!!

Hi Guys,

It looks like your issue here got solved. I am marking this support thread as “solved” for now.