Possible vulnerability

I don’t know enough about Nginx to know whether you have covered this in a different way but maybe worth looking at. Apologies if not relevant.
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First this is support forum and not a place for marketing/promotion.

Anyway, in our tutorials we have handled issue that is being discussed in that article using try_files directive which is easy, elegant and better solution.

Only time try_files won’t work is when Nginx is on different server and PHP is on different server. We don’t have this kind of setup though. In multi-server environment, we have nginx on all load-nodes.

Marketing/promotion? I don’t follow.

I posted a link to an article on a website (not mine) which I thought may by of assistance. I believe this is quite a useful feature of the world wide web don’t you think?

I apologise for not finding the relevant support post and am glad you are on top of the issue.

It looks like you have created an account to post this link only. Plus you are not using Gravatar. Your website (active.mu) is not using Nginx.

All this raised doubts! Sorry, if I am not supposed to doubt!

Yes, I am only testing at the moment eg http://brian.active.mu/ (a blank wp site set up from ee).

Thanks for all your work.

No probs. As I said before, sorry for doubts. I just hate spam too much that I am even planning to turn off comments for non-registered users. Even with Akismet, we get around 15-20 spam comments which waste too much time! :frowning:

I hope you will happy & “safe” journey in Nginx world.

For records, you are first “real” person to post here and not ask for support! :wink:

No worries - yes I can imagine that running a forum like this would soon increase your level of suspicion!

I am also on your mailing list and will follow developments with interest. Nice redesign of the site by the way, especially the logo.


Thanks for your understanding, signing up for mailing list and feedback about new theme/logo. :slight_smile:

Since you already started using easyengine, please pay special attention to version 1.1, due early December. It will have some major changes.

Rest assured, nothing will break on update! :slight_smile: