Possible to pre warm or preload redis cache?

Is there any option or possibility to preload or prewarm Redis cache?

I’m also interested in this. Seems first load is 3secs, 2nd is 1.2

I was actually wondering the same thing. I know some Wordpress cache plugins will do this. Perhaps a future feature of the redid cache plugin.

Check this out. https://wordpress.org/plugins/warm-cache/changelog/ I’m going to test it, it might be a solution to the problem.

Thank but i am running magento !

Well if you are using wordpress that plugin seems to work well, I’ve been testing it out. I have a cron job that runs the task every 4 hours. I do wish someone that knew more could comment on how long redis keeps the pages in cache. Everything I’ve read it seems like the page should be in cache until a page is changed or flushed with the nginx helper plugin. However it does seem like after a few hours the pages are being dropped out of cache and have a slightly longer first load time. If anyone could give some insight on this it would be great!