Possible to link albums to posts/pages?

Hello! I am developing a Meetup-like site that includes BuddyPress, rtMedia, as well as Events Manager. I need a way to create an album for each event on our calendar and allow members to upload photos to those albums via the front end. Albums should not be linked to individual member profiles. Is this possible with rtMedia?

Hello @CVT_Organizer,

Yes, it is possible to create different albums for all members on your website and allow them to upload to that global album. We have an addon which allows creating multiple default albums for rtMedia uploads. Please once visit the product here - https://rtmedia.io/products/rtmedia-default-albums/

However, we would like to understand your requirement more clearly - Albums should not be linked to individual member profiles.

Using rtMedia default albums - the album created by admin will be available to upload media under all member’s profile pages. Could you please explain this to us how you want them not to linked with user profiles?

We look forward to your reply. Thanks.

Thanks for the reply. To clarify, we would like a photo album for every event that gets posted on our website. Members often take photos at our events, so we would like members to be able to upload photos to a central album created for that event.

I think I found a solution, which is to use the anywhere gallery and uploader shortcode on the event page and specify a custom context. Members could then upload their pics and view them on the event page. Then admins can go into the media library and move those images into albums using another image plugin like Envira.

Hello @CVT_Organizer,

We are glad to know that you found the work around.

Regarding the admin task to move the images into albums: If you wish to keep the album selection in the uploader itself then you can go through this document once - https://rtmedia.io/docs/features/upload/developers/

Thank you!