Possible Bug: Buddypress Comments / Media Comments

Hi, I have been wondering where the comments made on a media upload on the activity stream went… they no longer show up on the media page where you view the single photo/media.

When you look at the activity stream you see all the comments, but when a user wants to see comments on their photo, they view the media page and it doesn’t have all the comments.

The media page only has comments that were made on the photo specifically entered on the media page.

I hope that makes sense.

I think you are not logged in to WordPress, hence comments are not showing. Please cross check it and confirm.

@nitun I am logged in (as super admin) same thing…


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On the buddypress activity feed where the comments do seem to be all there, there are two different links on the actual activity.

If you click on the photo or the photo name you go to a link that looks like - http://mysite/members/username/media/444 (only what someone comments on this page will show up everywhere - on activity AND photo - BUT… you cannot see what was commented on the actual activity wall itself.)

If you click on the time element for when the activity happened- like “1 week, 4 days ago” the link will go to the following page -
http://mysite/activity/p/4240/ (This page shows all activity comments)

Can we just get the link changed on the activity wall to point to the activity page so the user isn’t going to miss comments?

@ksoup , yes you caught it correctly.
But we have implemented it the way you mentioned. We kept it intentionally.
Let me explain you:
What will happen, if someone added more than 1 picture in activity (say 2,3 images) and other user comment on that activity, then how we will find out the comments are made on which picture. Hence we are showing those comments only for activity. If user added comments on particular picture from single media page, then that comment will display in activity but not vice-versa.
I hope you understand the flow of activity and single media comment.

So if the user gets a notification that someone commented on their photo, they might think something is missing because most of our comments are made on the activity wall. The user then goes to the photo and the comment is not there at all.
I can understand why you did that to accommodate multiple photos, but it might confuse the user (as it did me). I actually thought something was broken because I couldn’t find the comments.
It is a little confusing this way and not the best user experience.

Yes, I understand it. But if you have any suggestions/solutions, please share with us.

Let’s add my 2 cents to this one…
I’d suggest that if you have a single photo then comments belong to the photo, while if you have multiple photos then the comments belongs to the album.
That way, the alert should also be modified to user xxx commented on your album…

And as far as I know is also the way FB is working so shouldn’t surprise the users :wink:

Thanks again for the great plugin and support!


Okay, so you mean to say, single image >> can have comments/notification,
more than 2 images >> comments/notification for default album (i.e Wall posts).

Exactly Nitun!
At least is what would make most sense to me as it’s a known behavior :wink:

Okay, we will check this, and if possible very soon implement it.

Yes the same for me !

That is how works in facebook - and should be work here too !

great suggestion! You guys said it better than I could express it